Church Officers – 2016
Lay Leader                                         

  • Dan Hoover

Lay Member of Annual Conference  

  • Dan Hoover

Alternate Lay Member                       

  • Gary Gettler

Administrative Board Chairperson    

  • Russ Swisher

Ad. Board Secretary                          

  •        Cheryl Gibson    

Charge Conference Recorder            

  •        Cheryl Gibson

Staff-Parish Relations Chairperson    

  • Nicholas Taraschi

Finance Chairperson                          

  • Walt Allen

Financial Secretary                             

  • Elva Allen & Dawn Fertig


  • Lisa Hill

Council on Ministries Chairperson     

  • Dan Hoover

Young Adult Representative to  Administrative Board            

  •        Unassigned

Youth Representative to Administrative Board            

  •        Alex Gunther