Disciple Class

John Ankerberg     Is Jesus “the way” or only one of many ways to God? Does God reject the millions of people who follow other religious traditions? Are followers of many of today’s religions really talking to the same God and teaching the same basic beliefs? In this series of discussions, you’ll examine what some of the major world religions teach and compare each with the beliefs of Christianity. You’ll also investigate what Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses believe, since they are often labeled “Christian,” yet hold several beliefs that are distinct from traditional Christianity.
The Contenders series is purposely designed to give truth seekers an opportunity to ask questions and probe into the basics of Christianity within the friendly, caring environment of small group discussion. The questions are presented to represent the viewpoints of both the Christian and the skeptic. Those who already follow Jesus will grow in the basic beliefs of the Christian faith and understand how to address the issues of their friends who are still exploring Christianity. photo