“Spiritual gifts are given, not for competition, but for cooperation.”

Let us face the facts! In nearly every church today, far too many Christians are not serving. When you ask them to do something they say, “Well, uh, sorry, but that is not my spiritual gift.

Trouble is they seem to think they have no spiritual gift because they say that about everything. Brothers and Sisters, I tell you the truth, in Christ there are no such gifts as “pew warming and sermon or music listenin’!!” All of the spiritual gifts are proactive! You will be…you must be doing something.

If you tell me that you are sold out to the Lord and yet not doing anything in service to your church; I will try not to be rude and call you a liar, but I will have to ask you to explain your definition of consecration to me. So then, ask yourself in all honesty, “are you standing on the promises or just sitting on the premises?”

— Pastor Bob

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